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Leona | Northfield Newborn Photographer


You'd never guess how old this little doll is?!!! Most newborn sessions take place when baby is 6 to 14 days old but since miss Leona's big sister had her session at 5 weeks her family wanted to have the girls have their sessions at similar times. During their session I kept the props simple and sweet like these two girls. A couple favorite were my big HUGE winter white flokati from Luneberry and my burlap layer also from them!


It also worked out great to have Leona's session now since big sister had just turned one and the girls could share their session time! As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I love taking the images that parents are really hoping for in their sessions! After all it's their session time so catering it to their needs is exactly what is right to do! In this case a standard newborn session with some big sister individuals was the right fit. 


While at the Northfield Photography Studio you have to get some pictures with your kids! It's so hard to get in front of the camera when you are chasing around little ones and it gets harder the more kids you have! Look at momma and her little dolls! So sweet and so real! It's a toss up but I really think the one with Ida poking mom in the face might be my favorite one! It's probably because as a mother I know that my kids are always fiddling with me too.


As much as I love a good mother/daughter or mother/son image there is always an exceptionally soft spot in my heart for daddy/daughter or daddy/son images. It goes back to the whole parents not getting their pictures often enough but also to the part where dad is the protector and here he is just cuddling his loves. Perfection!


It's always fun as a Northfield Photographer to capture the little things. The interactions between family members are my favorite! Look at Ida look at her baby sister and her daddy look at her. Sweet and simple but so special!


Like her big sister Miss Leona LOVED being cozy and super swaddled up! I utilized a bunch of different poses with this wrap since Leona was so happy and warm!


Lucky for us Leona also didn't mind being a bit less wrapped up so I could capture more of her sweet little fingers and toes! After all babies grow exceptionally quick and it'll be no time before she's chasing after her big sister. Look at what a serious girl Leona already is! It'll be fun to see if she is more like daddy and Ida is more extroverted like momma.


Here is Ida! So big and rocking the perfect toddler pout. I cannot get over how amazingly smart and verbal she is! Ida talked and talked and talked! Our daughter is a bit older than her and barely has anything to say but Ida was quite the conversationalist. So cool!  

Northfield_Newborn_Photographer9 (1).jpg

Little bit more sisterly love and more of Leona! Sweet girls. I am so happy for you all as you welcome your new baby girl into your family! You are going to have the best of friends right here. Thank you so much for bringing your little dolls to me to preserve your memories. They are so beautiful. 


Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield Newborn Photographer in the state of MN. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates products and images that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.


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Beautiful Baby Beautiful Family / Lonsdale MN Photographer

It is always a complete honor to take pictures for families. To be trusted to preserve their memories at this exact moment in life and capture who they and their children are. 

I was especially honored to take these images as these were the first pictures these two had ever had as a couple. You can just see the love they have for one another and their beautiful baby girl. We had a fabulous session with all 3 of the kids and captured some beautiful moments for these two to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Congratulations you two! 

Thank you so much for your trust in my work, I love my clients like family.  




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The Easter Bunny came early this year! / Northfield Newborn Photographer

Sweet Nora 11 days new and utterly precious. She was just the perfect model for these amazing bunny ears. They came just in the nick of time and I am so glad because she made them look perfect!

As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I was looking for a newborn model to 

Even though I keep the studio at a comfy and cozy 85 degrees Miss Nora preferred to be swaddled up and snug. She was so happy swaddled up she snoozed through the rest of her session until it was time to get dressed!

Isn't she just the absolute cutest bunny?!