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Leona | Northfield Newborn Photographer


You'd never guess how old this little doll is?!!! Most newborn sessions take place when baby is 6 to 14 days old but since miss Leona's big sister had her session at 5 weeks her family wanted to have the girls have their sessions at similar times. During their session I kept the props simple and sweet like these two girls. A couple favorite were my big HUGE winter white flokati from Luneberry and my burlap layer also from them!


It also worked out great to have Leona's session now since big sister had just turned one and the girls could share their session time! As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I love taking the images that parents are really hoping for in their sessions! After all it's their session time so catering it to their needs is exactly what is right to do! In this case a standard newborn session with some big sister individuals was the right fit. 


While at the Northfield Photography Studio you have to get some pictures with your kids! It's so hard to get in front of the camera when you are chasing around little ones and it gets harder the more kids you have! Look at momma and her little dolls! So sweet and so real! It's a toss up but I really think the one with Ida poking mom in the face might be my favorite one! It's probably because as a mother I know that my kids are always fiddling with me too.


As much as I love a good mother/daughter or mother/son image there is always an exceptionally soft spot in my heart for daddy/daughter or daddy/son images. It goes back to the whole parents not getting their pictures often enough but also to the part where dad is the protector and here he is just cuddling his loves. Perfection!


It's always fun as a Northfield Photographer to capture the little things. The interactions between family members are my favorite! Look at Ida look at her baby sister and her daddy look at her. Sweet and simple but so special!


Like her big sister Miss Leona LOVED being cozy and super swaddled up! I utilized a bunch of different poses with this wrap since Leona was so happy and warm!


Lucky for us Leona also didn't mind being a bit less wrapped up so I could capture more of her sweet little fingers and toes! After all babies grow exceptionally quick and it'll be no time before she's chasing after her big sister. Look at what a serious girl Leona already is! It'll be fun to see if she is more like daddy and Ida is more extroverted like momma.


Here is Ida! So big and rocking the perfect toddler pout. I cannot get over how amazingly smart and verbal she is! Ida talked and talked and talked! Our daughter is a bit older than her and barely has anything to say but Ida was quite the conversationalist. So cool!  

Northfield_Newborn_Photographer9 (1).jpg

Little bit more sisterly love and more of Leona! Sweet girls. I am so happy for you all as you welcome your new baby girl into your family! You are going to have the best of friends right here. Thank you so much for bringing your little dolls to me to preserve your memories. They are so beautiful. 


Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield Newborn Photographer in the state of MN. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates products and images that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.



Nora | Northfield Newborn Photographer


At Miss Nora's newborn session I asked if they would like using a green wreath. Little did I know that not only did they love the colors and style but that momma grew up with dogwood and it was very special to her! As a Northfield newborn photographer I absolutely love making these special connections with clients and this was beyond meant to be!


Miss Nora wasn't as excited about picture day as mom and dad were but she still tolerated me bugging her and we were able to get lots of beautiful sleepy images of this precious girl.


Some of my favorite images as a MN newborn photographer are the cuddles with mom and dad! There is nothing like a daddy proudly holding his new baby or a mother snuggling this amazing blessing that she grew inside of her!


I ALWAYS add in momma to daddy's picture and add in daddy to momma's picture. This way you get TWO (or more) family pictures with your sweet blessing in your final gallery. 


As a Northfield newborn photographer I always try to add extra earthy textures and natural tones to add to images. I love a bit of greenery or other textures!


This cream sheepskin is a favorite and if you look through the blog I can guarantee you will see it pop up again and again. It is so beautiful, soft and versatile! I would love every color that Luneberry has to offer but turns out I have to take it slow because there are tons of beautiful newborn props out there!

I love to use it in buckets, baskets, trenches on the floor and pretty much everywhere so you can see where it is a favorite. 


While Nora was awake I took the opportunity to capture a few images with her eyes open and to let her get some wiggles out. Look at that sweet yawn... and boom asleep!


As you can see Nora wasn't awake for too long but just long enough to see her eyes, take a few images and conk back out for a few more poses! 

Thank you so much for coming to me to preserve Nora's newborn images! It truly means so much to be honored with such an important job and I couldn't love meeting new families more! Congratulations and many blessings!


Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield Newborn Photographer in the state of MN. She is a full service newborn photographer that products and images that that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements whie posing newborns safely and beautifully. 



Emmett | New Prague Newborn Photographer

Meet Emmett! He was a bit of sassy little man at first and just wanted to hang out with us all awake.

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer4 (1).jpg

It makes complete sense since as a New Prague newborn photographer my studio has all sorts of different things to absorb. There are lots of different lights and colors and sounds!

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer3 (1).jpg

Most babies find it to be really peaceful and ideal for sleeping but for an inquisitive little man like Emmett, it took a few minutes to learn about what was going on.



To keep babies cozy warm and relaxed my New Prague Newborn studio has soothing sounds and is heated to the perfect temperature for a newborn baby.

I love this teddy bear style on the back because its the perfect time to get some close up images of these sweet features! 

Look at Emmett's sweet little lips and nose and toes! 

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer2 (2).jpg

After his pictures with mom and dad I swaddled this handsome man up to help him conk out. As you can see he wasn't quite ready to sleep. It didn't take too long though and this handsome little man was sleeping.

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer1 (2).jpg

Well mostly sleeping... a bit of peeking too...

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer5 (1).jpg

When I was styling Emmett's session I picked more neutral tones to not only coordinate well with each other but also to coordinate with Emmett's home.

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer1 (1).jpg
New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer6 (1).jpg

As a New Prague Newborn Photographer I always learn about my clients so that the images I provide to them they will not only love but fit well in their home.


Towards the end of the session I really enjoy doing this pose "egg pose" and letting babies stretch out at relax so they are posed more naturally.  

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer2 (1).jpg

Emmett didn't want to stretch! It was so cute as I unwrapped him to stretch out he just curled into his wrap and let one leg relax out. 

It was such an honor to take your handsome little mans first images. Thank you for including me in this exciting time in your lives!


Amber Skluzacek is a New Prague Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.




Finley | Lonsdale Newborn Photographer

This little peanut was quite the surprise to her mom and dad as she decided to join their family 8 weeks early!

Lonsdale Newborn Photographer



After talking with her parents I was so excited to meet this sweet girl!


We got along so well and had so many things in common. I knew we would hit it off and get to be great friends!


It was hard because this Lonsdale Newborn Photographer had to wait until Finley got to go home. Although I cannot imagine how hard the wait was for mom and dad as they waited for their sweet baby girl to come home with them.


Finley just had to get better at eating and put on some weight, which makes sense since she was born at a teensy 4 lbs 7 oz.


When Finley was discharged we scheduled her session right away as she was already 6 weeks old which for a newborn session is a bit later than I typically aim for.


As a trained newborn photographer I wasn't worried as I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to help babies be extra sleepy and happy!


The day of her session Finley was such a sweet and sassy girl. She fell asleep right away and was super comfortable in all of her poses. Every time I moved her she would grump at me with loud shrieks and once I had her in position she would go back into a peaceful sleep. Every. Single. Time.

It was hilarious! You just have to love a baby with a nice strong personality!

Lonsdale Newborn Photographer

Mom and Dad were super relaxed and had a few suggestions for the session but all in all let me do my thing. I love this because sessions like this are where I can get creative and do what goes well together and with how baby is comfortable.

Lonsdale Newborn Photographer


As a newborn photographer when you find out Dad is a drummer you definitely ask if they are going to bring a drum.


According to Mom they were bringing two “gun metal bedazzled” drums!


That's quite the specific description and it was spot on!


They brought a tom and a snare and they were so much fun to incorporate into her session.


Thank you for including me in this special time in your beautiful baby girls life!



Amber Skluzacek is a Lonsdale Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.



Lincoln | Lonsdale Newborn Photographer

Lonsdale is such a small town so you always know when new families move in. This summer we had the pleasure of gaining some new neighbors moving in. We knew the old homeowners and saw a young family moving in and I knew I needed to pop over and say hello.


What a fun surprise to have a new young family in the neighborhood! Even better they have two little boys that are the same ages as our two boys. We had a great conversation where we discussed our love of geeky board games like Carcassone, Small World, Pandemic and Settlers of Catan. Anyone else a geeky board game lover? I love to embrace the geeky things that I enjoy (ie met my husband in marching band)!


As a Lonsdale newborn photographer I always get excited when families are expecting new addition to their family. Babies are such blessings and as I have mentioned ten million times over I LOVE big families. Something about the dynamic between siblings I have always enjoyed. Kids in big families have to share, cooperate and also learn independence (it's pure survival).


These guys were expecting their 3rd BOY! So much fun and so much energy!


Lincoln was a sneaky little boy and decided to come before his scheduled induction! It was a tough day for mom and dad who recently moved from out of state.




I honestly told them to give a call if they needed a last minute sitter because we live so closely to one another.


They had to pack up the boys and RUN to Burnsville!





Luckily the nursing staff helped them out as they welcomed their newest handsome little man into their family. As a newborn photographer (and an experienced mother) I know how often this can happen and am just glad that they made it in time and didn't have to deliver their baby in the car!


Thank you for including me in this special time in your handsome baby boys life!



Amber Skluzacek is a Lonsdale Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.



Ava Jean| Lonsdale Newborn Photographer

Nothing makes my heart more happy as a Lonsdale Newborn Photographer than to get to know families during this amazing time in their lives. Bringing home new babies is one of the most amazing blessings my family has ever gone through and is so dear to my heart. 


Imagine my excitement when this beautiful family scheduled both their maternity and newborn sessions with me?! Not only did I get to capture Amanda's beauty as a pregnant mother but I get to meet Amanda and Jon's sweet baby girl and spend some more quality time with them! Too much excitement!

The ideal time to start working with your newborn photographer is during the pregnancy prior to the 3rd trimester. This allows the photographer to leave room in their bookings for your little one and to prepare for your session. Which is exactly what Amanda and Jon did!


Knowing that Jon and Amanda were expecting a little girl was all too exciting and I may have gone a little overboard on new girl accessories!


....Nah! You can never have too many pretty headbands, wraps and bonnets right??? Well maybe don't ask my husband because I feel like his answer would be YES!


I personally love the versatility and being able to get creative and put together lots of variety in my clients images. 


As we progressed through their sessions this summer we really got to know one another as friends and I anxiously awaited some exciting news. Their sweet girl waited until she was ready and....

Lonsdale_Newborn_Photographer6 (1).jpg

Miss Ava Jean joined their family on Friday August 18th at 8:51 p.m.

Lonsdale_Newborn_Photographer9 (3).jpg

She weighed 8 lbs 7 ounces and was 21.25 inches of perfection!

Lonsdale_Newborn_Photographer0 (1).jpg

Her session was just perfect! I know the question you are all wondering and the answer is of course! I always get peed and pooped on! It's part of the job and it's okay! It's a good thing to have newborns frequently mess up the studio. It means that they are getting plenty of nutrition and are hydrated, and that is very important early on when baby and mommy are still getting acquainted to breastfeeding. After a bit of cleaning and nursing she was so good and I ended up using up my entire plan for her session (which never happens)! 

I usually plan extras because every baby is so different and not all poses work for each baby and things get dirty. Nope not today! Just all sorts of beauty with this perfect little doll. 

Congratulations Amanda and Jon, Ava is perfect! I couldn't be more honored to be trusted to preserve the memories of this special time in your lives.


Amber Skluzacek is a Lonsdale Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.



Rezac Family | New Prague Family Photographer

We all have people in our lives that we cannot imagine our lives without. These guys are one of them for me. I know I have shared previously how we have met (which is so cool). I will give a brief reminder for those of you that don't know.

New Prague family photographer
New Prague family photographer


The Rezac family started at almost the exact time as the Skluzacek family so I know their story quite well. This beautiful couple got married in the fall of 2009 and just celebrated their 8th anniversary this fall. In the summer of 2010 they found out they were expecting a baby and decided to wait to find out the gender after he/she was born (YES! Love it!).

New Prague family photographer
New Prague family photographer


They took a birth class in early 2011 and stumbled into a lovely couple in the hallway/bathroom. The ladies were washing their hands in the restroom when they struck up a conversation. In class they had found out they both lived in Lonsdale and were asking each other where they lived. The girl said her street name and the other woman (me) knew instantly that it was the street behind our house! I couldn't believe that we lived so close to one another and were expecting our little ones just a month apart. The guys were in the hallway learning that not only did we live close but actually were backyard neighbors!


It was decided that we needed to get to know one another (which was a great choice). We started car pooling to birth class and just a short while later the Rezacs welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Kaylee, into their lives. The night before they left the hospital, we arrived, in labor with our daughter Lillian. 6 and a half years later the girls are the best of friends.

Their second daughter Emily was born shortly after our second born Odin and sure enough they are like two peas in a pod.

New Prague family photographer

We are connected in so many ways in our lives and I cannot imagine a life without these amazing people and beautiful girls in it!

How Emily celebrated her fourth birthday this summer still remains a mystery to me, but I am so honored to be the one to preserve the memories of this beautiful girl and her family.

As a New Prague family photographer I love getting families outdoors, moving around and having fun. A posed image is good but an authentic moment where I capture a child having fun and being silly is my absolute favorite! These are the moments that parents will remember and cherish (I know I do).

Look at these two goofballs! This series of photos were my favorite from the whole evening. Not posed just being who they are.


Amber Skluzacek is a New Prague family photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service family photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing families safely and beautifully.



Tristan | Northfield Newborn Photographer

Oh man do you see this cute little man? Babies with a little bit of rolls and squish are the best! Tristan was born at a whopping 11 lbs and his round cheeks are just the sweetest!


Bigger babies photograph so well because they are more full and look comfy and cozy in their images. Sometimes littler ones need more props and wraps to help them look comfy whereas Tristan was all set!


You could tell he was a big boy at birth because Tristan was also super strong. As a Northfield newborn photographer I work with a lot of babies and I have to say this little man is the strongest baby I have ever had in the studio (for a newborn session). 


While he was still awake there wasn't much convincing him to pose. I had to work my Northfield newborn photographer skills to get him nice and sleepy so he would pose nicely. Otherwise he was too busy trying to sit up! When you put him on his tummy for the tummy time pose he flat out sat up.

Northfield_Newborn_Photographer2 (1).jpg

Once he fell asleep he looked so perfectly cozy and happy!


Tristan's session was extra special because I have known his mommy for a really long time. I love working with people I know because their sessions are even more special to me. In this case I went to high school with Tristan's momma and we were good friends. I was so excited for her to have a sweet baby brother for Trenton!


Congratulations Loftus family on your new beautiful boy! Life with two boys is quite the adventure and these little guys are so blessed to have one another!



Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.



Gorgeous Momma | Northfield Newborn Photographer

As much as I was enjoying my maternity leave I was definitely excited to receive the message asking about my services for a maternity session this winter. This Northfield newborn photographer was super excited about this session for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons was that Catherine told me she would never forgive herself for not asking me to do her pictures! Talk about flattering me! I was more than excited and so honored to preserve the memories of her 4th pregnancy. 

Catherine_1_Northfield Newborn Photographer


I met Catherine when our daughter was in an ECFE class. It was a wonderful ones class where Catherine was attending with her son Shea. We got to know each other while singing songs with our kiddos and discussing the rewards and difficulties of parenting during parent time. This Northfield newborn photographer immediately got along with Catherine very well. She is a fun, kind person with lots of great family ideas. How could we not get along well?! During this class I was expecting our 2nd child and he joined our family during the fall class session. At the end of the session Catherine shared that they too were expecting another member to their family (their 3rd)! Having our kids close really helped form our friendship. Fast forward a few years to now! Let's talk about her amazing session!

Catherine and Steve celebrated their 10 year anniversary this December (Congratulations you guys!!!), had Christmas and were expecting their 4th beautiful baby. What better way to remember these special times than to gift Steve a session of styled maternity images? I loved the idea and was thrilled to be taking these special pictures! 

Catherine3_Northfield Newborn Photographer


We planned to have her Northfield maternity photography session just a few short weeks before Catherine was due when our baby girl was just 3 weeks old! It was a bit of a time crunch but their sweet baby girl didn't surprise them by coming early and we got her images done in plenty of time to commemorate their last pregnancy. 

Catherine came to the Northfield photography studio on New Years Day and we got to business! I had her session fully styled after we had her pre-session consultation and I knew what she was looking for out of the session as well as styles and colors she preferred. 

For the in studio portion of her session I used dream lighting (backlighting) to really emphasize her beautiful belly and to create light and airy images that were all about her, and her pregnancy. 

Catherine_2_Northfield Newborn Photographer
Catherine4_Northfield Newborn Photographer


Catherine was a true Minne-snow-tan when it came to the outdoor part of the session! To get to the pond we had to hike through the woods to avoid the icy trail (gotta keep the momma's safe)! It was a bit chilly that day and she rocked the outdoor images with not a shiver. She said her years of figure skating helped her prepare and I'm guessing her little built in furnace helped too! 

This Northfield newborn photographer just loves these images. They not only are absolutely stunning and highlight this amazing time in Catherine's life but they also completely show her fun vibrant personality. What do you think?!



Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield newborn photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full-service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully. 



How Do They Do That? | Northfield Newborn Photographer

We have all seen them. Those super cute, beyond adorable images of babies doing the seemingly impossible. How are they sitting up all on their own, holding their heads up like a little frog, perched on a shelf like a teddy bear or hanging in the air in the cutest of fashion?! Here is the perfect example with sweet little Jack in my Northfield Newborn Photography studio. 

I'm sure you are wondering how on earth do they do that? How did that photographer make that baby do that? Wow! That must be such a strong baby! That photographer is amazing at posing newborn babies! 

The above statements are all False! This Northfield Newborn Photographer has a few secrets to share with you today. 

The answer is quite simply newborns DO NOT hold their own heads up or sit up on their own (or should never be posed without support)! Newborns like all children are incredibly unpredictable. They may startle, wiggle and squirm at any time. As I work with newborns often and have had four of my own babies I can testify that newborn babies are feisty! Just as you soon as you get a baby exactly in the right position one of their favorite things to do is kick out his/her legs, throw his/her head backward or launch themselves forward. Babies should never be placed anywhere where they aren't supported or secure, it's never worth risking safety to get a picture.

Okay so... babies don't hold their heads up on their own (or shouldn't) it's not safe, and babies can't sit up on their own either... How then? How do photographers create these mysterious images of newborns? I'm sure you are hanging on the edge of your seat with curiosity at this point.

It is actually much more obvious than you may think (if you didn't already know).

Many newborn poses are not what they seem. They are not a newborn baby suspended in the air but a baby sitting safely in an assistants hands. They are not baby holding his head up in his hands but a baby having his hands supported and head supported. Theses images are often an illusion or a compilation of multiple images to create the final product, or the picture we see. This is called a composite. As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I practice using composites with all images where a baby cannot support themselves naturally or safely. 

Composites can be done with multiple images of baby to create a safe environment for him/her or be done to create a unique style as well. Often photographers will take a different backdrops to create a special image with 

If you or a friend come to visit me in my Northfield Newborn Photography studio rest assured that your beautiful baby will be cuddled and kept safe and cozy throughout his/her session.

Here is just a little example showing Jack during his session, he never has a hand taken off of him, he is swaddled very securely and is also posed with support under/around him. All modifications to create the final image were done in Photoshop.   

Northfield Newborn Photographer



Meet Jack 6 Days New / Lonsdale MN Newborn Photographer

Nothing like spending a day with a beautiful baby and his awesome momma! I had so much fun working with Jack and preserving some amazing memories for his family. 6 days old and a sleepy sweetheart! 

Introducing Jack, born 8-1-2016, 8 lbs and 21 1/2 inches long.

Here are just a few of my favorites from his session. 



Huxlie / Lonsdale Newborn and Family Photographer

I absolutely LOVE specializing in newborn and family photography! I get to work with growing families like my own and get to know them and their children. My heart feels so happy capturing these moments creating photographs that will last a lifetime. 

Isn't Huxlie just so precious?!  Only 14 days old and such a sweetheart! Not only did we have a fabulous newborn photo session but her and her family also came in for a family portrait session as well. I got spoiled seeing this wonderful family twice in once week!

Congratulations Gallagher's and welcome to the world Huxlie!



Miss Morgan / Lonsdale Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world Miss Morgan. You are adorable, perfect and I absolutely adore seeing the love in your parents eyes.   

Morgan was loving her newborn session at first but then decided she wasn't feeling up to my plans so we switched the plan and went with what she preferred, being swaddled up tight and cozy! After that she was a happy camper!

Congratulations Wick family your new addition is beyond perfect in every single way.



Little Lucas Brand New! / Lonsdale MN Newborn Photographer

Nothing gives me more joy than having the honor of photographing the first days of your loved ones lives!

Meet Lucas, this little man was absolutely amazing and slept like a champ through his newborn session. Mommy and Daddy are big sports fans, especially football, so we have to have some themed images on top of all his other amazing sleepy poses. 

Congratulations Ziskovsky family, you have a beautiful son!



Meet Nova / Northfield Newborn Photographer

Nothing is more cute than an adorable new little bunny shortly before Easter! Aren't you just loving this beautiful bunny ear headband I have available at my Northfield Newborn Photography Studio?!

Nova was such a beautiful bunny and even smiled during her newborn session! I couldn't be happier to have caught that beautiful moment for her family.

I absolutely love my job of being a Northfield Newborn Photographer. I am always making connections and getting to know new people. Building relationships with families is the bestFor example I met Nova's mommy Sarah in an ECFE class for her big brother. We got to know one another in parent time by discussing different things we were struggling with or doing well with at home and sharing with other parents. Having that support when you are a new parent (or experienced) is so amazing! If you haven't tried an ECFE class with your kiddos I highly recommend it! Most school districts have many different offerings for parents with tricky schedules too, so don't be discouraged if you work days (or nights), they will have something for you too!

It was so exciting to hear that Sarah was they were expecting a baby girl! This lucky lady will have two big brothers to keep watch over her and keep her safe. 

Welcome to the world Nora! It was so wonderful to meet you and to catch up with your mommy.

Northfield Newborn Photographer



The Easter Bunny came early this year! / Northfield Newborn Photographer

Sweet Nora 11 days new and utterly precious. She was just the perfect model for these amazing bunny ears. They came just in the nick of time and I am so glad because she made them look perfect!

As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I was looking for a newborn model to 

Even though I keep the studio at a comfy and cozy 85 degrees Miss Nora preferred to be swaddled up and snug. She was so happy swaddled up she snoozed through the rest of her session until it was time to get dressed!

Isn't she just the absolute cutest bunny?!