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Carrie | MN Maternity Photographer

I have known this beautiful family since before we were married. I had the honor of going to school with Chris and being in the marching band together (yes marching band)! These two lovebirds have been together since forever just like Eric and I.


As a MN maternity photographer I have been waiting for session as I knew they were hoping to add to their family. We have been praying that they would be blessed with another baby and are so happy for them as they prepare for their daugter Adeline to arrive.


We had originally planned to hold their session at a local park but with this unpredictable winter there was not nearly enough snow to have the beautiful scenery I envisioned for this special session.

MN_Maternity_Photographer1 (1).jpg

MN maternity photographers often have apparel planned for their clients and I had special gowns all planned and Carrie put together these adorable outfits to go with either gown so perfectly! These beautiful gowns both came from ChicaBoo and I love their rich colors and flattering fit!


I was hoping for trees dripping with snow and and the ground completely covered with a fluffy layer white.


With the ground being mostly brown and the trees looking blah I reverted to a back up plan.


We set out for Log Cabin Pines, LLC in Elko where there are plenty of evergreens! There was just enough snow to lightly cover the trees and it was a super cute tree farm.


They had sleds for kids to get pulled down to get a tree in and to pull a tree back in and provided the saws for you to cut your own tree. If you are looking for a Christmas tree next year go check it out!


We took family images first and then let Miss Reagan take a break so we could take a few of mom and dad and then some of mamma and her adorable bump!


As a MN maternity photographer I wanted to take a million more pictures of this gorgeous momma but it was super cold and everyone needed to go warm up!


Plus I had so many gorgeous images already!'s just easy to get carried away when you are photographing such beautiful people.


Thank you for the honor of choosing me to preserve this special time in your lives!


Amber Skluzacek is a Maternity Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing mothers safely and beautifully.



Amanda & Jon | MN Maternity Photographer

Glowing! That is always the term used to describe mothers when they are pregnant. I honestly can say with some certainty that many mothers don't necessarily feel it. I am quite confident with this, is that I have been pregnant four times myself. Each pregnancy I felt many different things ranging from gigantic to exhausted (and so many other things...).

As a MN Maternity Photographer my goal is to showcase mommas beautiful bodies. To highlight the amazing curves, their strength and their beauty. To do this I really focus on great preparation, natural posing and having lots of fun! 


One of the most important jobs as a MN Maternity Photographer is to help mommas prepare for their sessions. After all I want them to be comfortable (or as comfortable as possible) and feel to their best. To help with this we talk ahead of the session so I can learn what are the important poses and images for each client and what style they are looking for.  We schedule ahead of time and make sure to stay in contact in case anything changes regarding the pregnancy. I also provide guidance in decisions regarding outfits and locations. Providing gowns that are meant to flatter a mothers body is also something I truly enjoy. I have a closet of client gowns that are very versatile and comfortable. 


When I first met Amanda I was just giddy! After all she has this outgoing fun personality, beautiful long hair and the cutest little baby bump! Photographers dream right there!

MN_Maternity_Photographer1 (1).jpg


We started discussing the possible locations for their session and I suggested Minneopa Falls. After all I just just imagining flowing trains and beautiful curls in her long hair (my creativity was flowing).

Then she told me that her grandfather built the stairs at Minneopa State Park!

I think my jaw may have hit the floor and I very likely was bouncing with excitement.

What are the chances that the first place I suggested was the absolute one place in the state we HAD to do their session?! 


This romantic session between Amanda and Jon was meant to be in every way! We had so much fun and I was feeling pretty darn envious I never looked anywhere near this glamorous during any of my pregnancies.  


Amber Skluzacek is a MN Maternity Photographer. She is a full service maternity photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing safely and beautifully.