I love these guys, I love these girls, I love this family! As a Northfield Family Photographer I absolutely enjoy getting to know new people, having new adventures and creating new friendships.


Most families opt for fall sessions so they can get images with the warm fall colors, sweaters and layering clothes and lots of snuggles. Summer sessions are such a fun opportunity because the colors are so rich and the weather is warm! It's so fun that these guys like summer because I have so much more availability and time to put into their session (plus they are our best friends so I like to spoil them a bit). Katie is my best friend, childcare provider and our daughters godmother so it's one of my favorite things to create a ridiculously amazing gallery for her every time I have my camera on her girls!


Jake used to hate picture day so much he literally grumbled at me (and Katie) but now after years of me fiddling with him, moving his head and scolding him to make him laugh he comes to sessions with a smile and it's the best!


These two girls are so beautiful and have the cutest features! I love Kaylees red hair and freckles and Miss Emily and her dainty smile with blonde locks. 


One of my favorite parts of being a Northfield Family Photographer is growing and maintaining relationships. As I worked on these lovely ladies pictures I remembered their smiles from last year, two and three years ago and can even pull out the old images to compare. It's special to be and I'm honored to have this role in families lives.


Last year I did a session out at the Big Woods and knew I wanted to have this session here this year. I've been waiting all winter to get these little girls to a waterfall!


It was such a fun surprise to walk the girls down a river and stand on top of a waterfall! I hope that these memories will be with them for the rest of their lives. 


Mom and dad always need some special pictures together because it's important! 

Northfield_Family_Photographer2 (1).jpg

Being outside creates such a fun and easygoing dynamic as a Northfield Family Photographer and I highly encourage families to plan their sessions outdoor. Whether it be December or July there is beauty in our MN climate and it's way more fun to play outside that in the studio!

Northfield_Family_Photographer1 (1).jpg

Obviously a waterfall is a great spot for a MN Photographer to hang out and I have not one but TWO within 5 minutes of my studio!


All about Kaylee here!


Emily being sweet as always!


And since we are here lets just play around a take a few pictures having a blast at the falls! 

Thanks for trusting me to preserve your memories guys. I love it.


Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing families safely and beautifully.