Look at this adorable little (okay not so little) boy! 


I had the pleasure of taking his big brother Colin's pictures last summer and was so excited to find out that they were expecting another blessing this winter. 


As a mom of 4 kids all two years apart I think we can all agree that I love close siblings. There is no discussion about how much I love babies either! The dynamics between siblings is so much fun. They get to have people to count on for the rest of their lives. People to confide in, to share special secrets and stories and to be able to keep each other company. Of course they can be totally insane at times as well, but you can't win at everything!


Boy mom's you know what  I mean right? Comment below if you have a crazy boy! Or two, or three! I think these two are going to keep mom and dad on their toes in the upcoming days, months and years. Best part is they will give them so many amazing memories of growing up having a close brother. 


Colin was super excited about his brother and was loving on him for approximately 1.2 seconds and then over it. Which is pretty typical for a 1 year old. Although not so easy if you want to get a picture together!


As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I got a bit creative to get some images of the two of them together, something at least to look back at and see how they grow.


Summer will be perfect as Trace will be moving around playing with and bugging his big brother. 


Trace was such a big boy at birth and you can tell how squished he was inside his mamma as he LOVED being squished into wraps and swaddled into the teensiest ball. It's beyond adorable to see a 10+ lb baby curl himself up into a teensy little wrap. Such a perfect reminder of what he looked liked just a short week ago. 


I could just stare at this sweet image all day. As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I honestly have to say that many of the big babies I have worked with are super strong and like to stretch and push up off of props/posing. He just shimmied in and conked out, precious boy. 


Just kidding! He stretched out too. Here you can see that sweet belly. Squishy big babies are the best and Trace was rocking multiple newborn rolls. Not that little babies aren't beautiful as well but rolls on a baby just make them extra cuddly!


Congratulations on your handsome little man. Your boys are going to be the best of friends for life and I am so happy for you all! 

I am so honored to have taken Trace's first images. Thank you.



Amber Skluzacek is a Northfield Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.