Oh my goodness. Look at this cute little ONE year old! I remember seeing her mamma just a year ago so tiny and cute with her little basketball bump belly and now Miss Lucy is working on walking.


I knew ahead of time what Lucy would be wearing so I planned a few different set ups to coordinate with this super cute outfit.


Keeping it simple and about the child and not the props is really something that I find important.


As a Lonsdale child photographer I do enjoy props, however I like to keep them minimalistic to keep the focus on your child and their features rather than all sorts of different things that won't have as much meaning in a few years.


I do welcome props from families if they have something special they would like to bring. As a Lonsdale child photographer I keep touch with families ahead of their sessions to help them plan. I know what their outfits look like (and give advice if needed) and also if they plan to bring something. This way when you arrive with your child we can concentrate on their pictures and having fun together rather than trying to plan a session and get to know your child.


Happy first birthday sweet Lucy! You have the sweetest smile and the most adorable chubby cheeks! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Amber Skluzacek is a Lonsdale Child Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing children safely and beautifully.