Meet Emmett! He was a bit of sassy little man at first and just wanted to hang out with us all awake.

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer4 (1).jpg

It makes complete sense since as a New Prague newborn photographer my studio has all sorts of different things to absorb. There are lots of different lights and colors and sounds!

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Most babies find it to be really peaceful and ideal for sleeping but for an inquisitive little man like Emmett, it took a few minutes to learn about what was going on.



To keep babies cozy warm and relaxed my New Prague Newborn studio has soothing sounds and is heated to the perfect temperature for a newborn baby.

I love this teddy bear style on the back because its the perfect time to get some close up images of these sweet features! 

Look at Emmett's sweet little lips and nose and toes! 

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer2 (2).jpg

After his pictures with mom and dad I swaddled this handsome man up to help him conk out. As you can see he wasn't quite ready to sleep. It didn't take too long though and this handsome little man was sleeping.

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer1 (2).jpg

Well mostly sleeping... a bit of peeking too...

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer5 (1).jpg

When I was styling Emmett's session I picked more neutral tones to not only coordinate well with each other but also to coordinate with Emmett's home.

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer1 (1).jpg
New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer6 (1).jpg

As a New Prague Newborn Photographer I always learn about my clients so that the images I provide to them they will not only love but fit well in their home.


Towards the end of the session I really enjoy doing this pose "egg pose" and letting babies stretch out at relax so they are posed more naturally.  

New_Prague_Newborn_Photographer2 (1).jpg

Emmett didn't want to stretch! It was so cute as I unwrapped him to stretch out he just curled into his wrap and let one leg relax out. 

It was such an honor to take your handsome little mans first images. Thank you for including me in this exciting time in your lives!


Amber Skluzacek is a New Prague Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.