Many businesses once they get up and running decide that it is time for a fresh start. A new look, fresh colors or a change of pace. Now that I have really been working on my business and my true style, it was time for a re-brand!

I couldn't be more excited about my beautiful new logo and watermarks from my best friend and designer Kayla Dohmen. As a Northfield Newborn Photographer I wanted to have a logo that really highlighted who I am and she more than delivered! 

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am a very sociable person. In fact this has been a challenge for me (yes a challenge!) throughout my life because it's hard for me to sit quietly! I have always enjoyed long discussions about most anything and just socializing. For my career this is wonderful but for a student in a classroom... a bit more difficult. Almost every year for conferences my teachers would give high regards to my reading, positive comments on my spelling etc. etc. but always they remarked how I talked just a little too much.  

My personality would have to be described as colorful and I feel my photography is the same. I like natural elements with textures and real classic organic interactions between family members. I really prefer to keep my sessions simple and not overly styled. The focus should be on you and your beautiful children, not a gigantic prop!

I created a Pinterest board (who doesn't love Pinterest?!) and Kayla went through and started thinking about the things that I felt described me, my brand and the colors and styles that appealed to me.

She created a board and bounced ideas around and then began sending me ideas she was thinking about. I gave feedback and then she would re-work her ideas to really match what i was looking for. 

Here it is! My beautiful new logo that really sums me up quite simply, elegantly but also with a splash of color. 

Northfield Newborn Photographer

This logo was everything I was imagining! I couldn't wait to plaster it all over everything and create a new brand for my growing business but there was still more work to be done. 

Kayla created alternate logos for my Northfield Newborn Photography business to be used in places that may not be able to properly display a round logo. Here they are! 

That was the end either! I still needed a watermark or a special logo to be placed on my pictures. Unfortunately to protect my work I do need to place a small "watermark" on the image to keep people from taking it to use as their own. I wish we lived in a world where this wasn't an issue but to protect my clients, my business and my work this needed to be done. We decided on something very simple and basic and here it is. 

northfield Newborn Photographer

I am in love with the simplicity and design of all of my new branding materials. I am excited to get working on updating my client preparation materials and to start utilizing these in my Northfield Newborn Photography business!