Lonsdale is such a small town so you always know when new families move in. This summer we had the pleasure of gaining some new neighbors moving in. We knew the old homeowners and saw a young family moving in and I knew I needed to pop over and say hello.


What a fun surprise to have a new young family in the neighborhood! Even better they have two little boys that are the same ages as our two boys. We had a great conversation where we discussed our love of geeky board games like Carcassone, Small World, Pandemic and Settlers of Catan. Anyone else a geeky board game lover? I love to embrace the geeky things that I enjoy (ie met my husband in marching band)!


As a Lonsdale newborn photographer I always get excited when families are expecting new addition to their family. Babies are such blessings and as I have mentioned ten million times over I LOVE big families. Something about the dynamic between siblings I have always enjoyed. Kids in big families have to share, cooperate and also learn independence (it's pure survival).


These guys were expecting their 3rd BOY! So much fun and so much energy!


Lincoln was a sneaky little boy and decided to come before his scheduled induction! It was a tough day for mom and dad who recently moved from out of state.




I honestly told them to give a call if they needed a last minute sitter because we live so closely to one another.


They had to pack up the boys and RUN to Burnsville!





Luckily the nursing staff helped them out as they welcomed their newest handsome little man into their family. As a newborn photographer (and an experienced mother) I know how often this can happen and am just glad that they made it in time and didn't have to deliver their baby in the car!


Thank you for including me in this special time in your handsome baby boys life!



Amber Skluzacek is a Lonsdale Newborn Photographer in the state of Minnesota. She is a full service newborn photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.