I absolutely LOVE big families! There is something so beautiful about the dynamics between a family with more children. The kids grow up in an environment where they have more responsibilities and have to work together. They can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies but they will always have each other as they grow. Beautiful!



It was so exciting to hear from Lucette's mom that they were expecting their sixth blessing. I couldn't wait to meet this beautiful family! 



Burnsville Newborn Photographer

Even more exciting as a Burnsville Newborn Photographer I kind of get super excited for families when they don't find out the gender of their babies (I get excited when I know the gender too though)! What is really exciting about a surprise is that it is a surprise for me too! These guys had one daughter and a whole bunch of boys so I was hoping (like they were too I'm sure) for a beautiful baby girl! 


Imagine as a Burnsville Newborn Photographer how excited I was to hear that Lucette was here. YES Lucette! Isn't that just a super cool, beautiful, different and individual name?! 


The boys were wiggly, obviously! They are two and three.


Big siblings were AWESOME helpers and I was so impressed by their loving guidance to the littles (like I said... big families kids are so responsible and loving)! 


Lucette was a complete doll. Even when she was wide awake she just hung out looking around. The session was fantastic and as always I had a hard time saying goodbye to this beautiful girl. 







I love babies and children. I love my job! Thank you for including me in this special time in your lives!



Amber Skluzacek is a Newborn Photographer is the state of Minnesota. She is a full service Newborn Photographer that creates images and products that will be cherished forever. Her work focuses on using natural elements while posing newborns safely and beautifully.