Starting out as a new excited passionate photographer I had a million things I wanted to do and still do! One of the best choices I made for myself and my business was to purchase Rachel Vanoven's eWorkshops!

Rachel is truly an inspiration and I hope to have to opportunity to meet her someday. Part of the reason I really loved her was her work, of course, it's amazing! After learning more about her I knew this was a woman that I wanted to learn from.  A few of the things that really resonate with me are: that she is self taught like myself, this isn't easy! She shoots Nikon (me too!)! When she started her business she was already a mother and had many obstacles to overcome including finding a balance between her work and family. So three for three! I LOVE that she teaches because she wants others to not lose that precious time she lost with her family and she wants to help others to grow. Yep. This is someone I want to learn from.

Okay so the eWorkshops. They are so easy to read, down to earth but chalk full of information! Every time I watch a video I learn something new even if I have watched it many times previously. Instead of being filled with lots of technical jargon they are informative to a necessary point and really easy to understand. The Facebook group that you join once you have the eWorkshop is a fantastic place to share what you are working on, ask for advice on client interactions or editing and just share trials and tribulations of your photography business. 

With the announcement of a new eWorkshop I knew I needed to make sure to have it! How could I miss out on another opportunity to learn even more? With 10 different videos of families of all different ages/sizes and editing, a pdf guide full of information covering all sorts of aspects of photography from shooting tips and lighting and actual help from Rachel herself in her Facebook group how could you not want this workshop?!  

I cannot wait until my maternity leave so I can really dive into this newest workshop and start next year off with a bang! Plus then we get to meet our new baby and find out if we have a new baby boy or girl!  

If this sounds like something you need in your life here is the link!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this year that I truly feel are directly attributed to the skills I have learned from these workshops. Thank you Rachel.